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Promotions are another method the company utilizes to advertise itself. The most common of these is in restaurants where Coca Cola drinks are offered 'free' with other food products the eatery serves. McDonald's offer of a 'free' coke for every burger is an excellent example of this. In addition, it should be noted that in choosing which product to partner with, compatibility of the products involved is crucial. This is the reason why such promotions are only carried out with products of a similar nature.

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It being a producer of soft brinks and associated beverages, Coca Cola has always had the issue of environmental pollution and sustainability through recycling as areas of concern. This prompted it to take the unusual initiative of requesting retailers to return the unique recyclable racks provided along with stocks. Earlier on, the company had started a program where retailers were provided with unique cardboard racks for use exclusively with Coca Cola products. The company identified the need to create such a program in order to establish synergy between Coca Cola and its distributors.

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Coca Cola can benefit immensely from forming another crisis management strategy since the current one is not working. Its effectiveness has not been identified in any of the crisis Coca Cola has found itself facing. Using an example of the incident in India, where contaminated products were discovered, the company's image would have suffered less damage had those responsible for that crisis handled it better. Instead of implementing damage control measures, they cultivated doubt in the findings and its evidence.

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This is one of the most difficult challenges that a women can face. Family members should treat women as a supplementary income provider and should support them. Women too should be able to manage family, kids and business well. I would give proper time for my family and children. This has to be planned properly. Initially this can be difficult but slowly this would work out.

In conclusion, Coca Cola has identified China as the focus of its future expansion and growth plans. With a population exceeding 6 billion, and the fact that it is one of the fastest rising economies in the world, mean that many international companies have intentions of permeating this potentially lucrative market. Coca Cola already has three plants and has earmarked additional 7billion US dollars for investment in China.

If you are from a business family and is planning to start a new business then do take advice from your parents who are already into business. Analyze the industry that you are interested in, plan everything and then invest. But if your decision is wrong then it would show a very negative impact on your family business and would be a negative publicity for the other organizations.

During occasions where significant sports are taking place, both countries usually choose different strategies to market themselves. During the 7556 soccer world cup, for example, PepsiCo chose to use a soccer star in their campaign. On the other hand, Coca Cola, decided to utilize a new bottle design in order to boost consumption of their soft drinks during this important affair.

While some saw Coca Cola's action as retaliation, analysts viewed it as "a way to compete" (Ilya Plakhinas). Russia being a vast country with many people, presents a potentially lucrative market to anyone who secures the firmest foothold, which is essentially what both companies attempt to do. President of the region, Ahmet Bozer, summarized his company's actions as "a commitment to direct more investment in Russia."

Coca Cola Company has been a successful company for more than a century. This can be attributed partly to the nature of its products since soft drinks will always appeal to people. In addition to this, Coca Cola has one of the best commercial and public relations programs in the world. The company's products can be found on adverts in virtually every corner of the globe. This success has led to its support for a wide range of sporting activities. Soccer, baseball, ice hockey, athletics and basketball are some of these sports, where Coca Cola is involved (Bell, 7559).

I would learn and analyze the different factors in business, learn to chose proper quality materials at cheaper price & negotiate with the suppliers so that they cannot cheat me. I would prefer to do things by my own and to get proper things done by my staff rather than depending on intermediates

Physically, Coca Cola has remained the same for a long time. The company chose to stick with the original style in styling the logo since they believe change might not work for them. PepsiCo on the other hand are a dynamic lot with their product having undergone many changes over the years. This shows a belief in the changes that society itself undergoes and the dynamic nature associated with such goods.

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