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Leadership Concept And Leadership Styles Management Essay

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 19:00

According to , the Tuesday edition of USA Today there was a small snapshot that presented the results of a survey to 6755 workers asking them about their top workplace frustrations.  The top five : (, 7555)

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68. Decision making: leader should have a quality of decision making in all conditions like in a stressful conditions and short time notice or limited time.

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Discussion This assignment will attempt to discuss the importance of empathizing during the counselling exchange and focus on pointing out the dangers of over empathising as.

Path-Goal Theory: The theory states that a leader's behavior is contingent to the satisfaction, motivation and performance of his subordinates. This theory originally refers originally manager's ability on the job as guiding workers to choose the right and best paths to reach their visions and missions as well company goals. This also refers the different behaviors depend on the nature and demands of a particular situation.

They are unlikely to micromanage an employee's tasks rather they will act as a facilitator only providing assistance when the employee needs it. A supportive leader provides consistent praise and encouragement in order to motivate their employees. These types of leaders are also more concerned with how their employees are doing rather than just focusing on tasks. These leaders understand that employees who are stressed out may not be functional in the workplace.

This style is good when any new employee comes into and organization and does not know what tasks to do and what procedures should be followed. Effective supervision is given only when detailed instructions and orders are given. There is very short time to make a decision. Work needs to coordinate with other departments or organizations. In this style there is no trust on employees and leaders does not even listen to employees inputs. This styles should not be used when staff is tense and fearful as well staff is depending to make decisions by their managers.

5. Desire to do something for other: like leader has to have a inbuilt desire to lead other in a team and he has to lead with purpose, meaning and values

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9. Knowledge and experience: leader should have a appropriate knowledge in his subject as well a experience. This will bring him a batter chance to lead in a team because in this way he already knows the circumstances and there solutions.

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