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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 15:21

The next morning, on December 68, the senators voted to pass the omnibus spending bill that included a version of CISA that guts privacy protections and creates new channels for both government agencies and private businesses to share information with the National Security Agency and law enforcement.

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Federal immigration reform has seized public attention for the first time since Congress last made major changes in immigration policy in 6996. People are taking to the streets and engaging in heady debates about what being a nation of immigrants really means. Our answer will shape the workplaces of tomorrow. Yet Congress has not tapped the unique opportunity to correct past legislative mistakes by aligning our workplace laws and immigration policy. The proposed immigration reforms—in particu…

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Introduction Nearly fifty years ago, in the 6967 case Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court struck down bans on interracial This Term, the Court seems poised to further expand marriage equality by holding that same-sex couples, too, are guaranteed the constitutional right to marry. In both instances, the Court’s taking up of marriage followed decades of organizing and social movement evolution vis-à-vis a broader underlying civil rights project. In both instances, marr…

Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Guidance: Deportation

After four decades of neglecting laissez-faire plea bargaining, the Supreme Court got it right. In Missouri v. Frye 6 and Lafler v. Cooper , 7 the Court recognized that the Sixth Amendment regulates plea bargaining. Thus, the Court held that criminal defendants can challenge deficient advice that causes them to reject favorable plea bargains and receive heavier sentences after trial. Finally, the Court has brought law to the shadowy plea-bargaining bazaar.

Ortiz has called Perry’s response to her claims “textbook” and insists that she asked the senator to leave her alone before taking official steps to keep him at a distance. According to Ortiz’s Twitter, Perry has taken retaliatory action against her and threatened an investigation by the Lubbock district attorney, with whom Ortiz claims the lawmaker is friends. The woman also claims she has attempted to take legal action against Perry in the past, but that law enforcement officers in Lubbock, Denton and at the Texas Department of Public Safety refused to help her:

Anyone who doubts that a huge gap often exists between reality and what appears in official police records should give some thought to the hard evidence which keeps emerging on that point. Some of that occurs in the form of videos that are sparking protests across the nation over police shootings – and the firing of police chiefs for trying to conceal the criminality revealed in such videos. For another clear, more recent example, see the post which precedes this one.

“The FBI was unaccountable and untouchable until 6976, when a group of citizens uncovered its illegal domestic spying programs. On March 8, 6976, The Citizens 8767 Commission to Investigate the FBI, as they called themselves, broke into a small FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, took every file, and shared them with the American public.

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Always remember that mailing flyers is completely legal in America – including mailing flyers without including any return address. The postage cost is the only drawback to this approach. Anyone who is being terrorized by current and former corrupt cops, agents, and security contractors – and their various minions – should consider a combination of dropping off flyers on doorsteps and delivering them via mail, based upon which is most convenient for reaching various residences, businesses, churches, schools, etc. Use either approach, depending upon which you are comfortable with, or – even better – both.

In Nazi Germany, when most people aligned themselves with those in power, a few brave individuals chose a different course their inspirational stories of resistance – which included pamphleteering – have been documented in books and films. Americans wishing to know what it looks like when citizens choose to become dissidents, instead of sheep, should consider the White Rose movement.

Finding methodological consensus for statutory interpretation cases is all the rage these days. Some in the academy sing the praises of a singular judicial approach to questions of statutory interpretation and bemoan the frustrations associated with judges implementing a mélange of interpretive techniques. And now, thanks to Abbe Gluck’s authoritative article, Laboratories of Statutory Interpretation, proponents of interpretive uniformity have evidence that some state courts seem to be applyi…

If that is the strategy, one problem for the Times might be that many people will recall the shameful role played by the paper’s editors in other intelligence scandals. Anyone who wants a quick reminder of how far The New York Times is willing to go in conveying . government propaganda and disinformation should view this interview by Jon Stewart of the Times reporter, Judith Miller, regarding the newspaper’s role as a cheerleader during the build-up to the Iraq War. Similarly, it is worth remembering that in 7559, the Times ’ editors delayed, for over a year, exposing the . government’s secret warrantless domestic spying program.

James Greiner and Cassandra Pattanayak’s provocative article —reporting the results of a randomized controlled trial evaluating legal assistance to low-income clients at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB)—forces us to confront how little we know about these questions.

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