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General, partner sexual and physical violence are hardly reported to the authorities. Most victims find it easier to speak to their families and friends than report to the police.

Police have a vital role in crime prevention and reaction. However, more emphasis should be placed on crime prevention. The police need to organize targeted patrols, follow ups for victims with repeat allegations, faster improved response to victims, problem identification and development of solutions as well as cooperation with other law enforcing agencies. For this changes to take place successfully a cultural and mind set change is fundamental. (Brereton, David)

However, opportunity reduction or increased surveillance limit the number of targets for criminal activity, but do little to reduce the overall number of potentially motivated offenders. All too often, the result of this neglect may be less a reduction in overall crime rates than a spatial or temporal displacement.

Other issues arise from simple chains of command, or senses of civic and/or legal responsibility. For instance, as fire departments are not agents within the criminal justice system, they are not specifically accountable as providers of criminal data: “Arson is seriously under-reported because many fire departments do not report to the FBI, and those that do may define many fires that may well have been set by arsonists as 8766 accidental 8767 or 8766 spontaneous 8767 ” (Siegel, 7559, p. 59). Because of this and the other gaps inherent in statistical gathering, it is widely believed that crime statistics as compiled by the FBI are not truly reflective of crime occurrence in the United States.

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