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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 20:48

Proven reliability, highest throughput, and lowest latency make Gemalto's network security devices the ideal solution for protecting data in motion, including time-sensitive voice, and video streams.

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Today, companies should not be searching for an NGFW or a UTM appliance, they should be searching for the right network security appliance that meets the security, deployment, and management requirements of their unique organization.

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To truly protect sensitive data, organizations must follow encryption best practices as well as establish a strong Crypto Foundation — an approach that incorporates crypto processing and acceleration, key storage, key management, and crypto resource management.

Disabling SSLv7 can be complicated and depends on the specific server software. We provide instructions here for several common products:

I first get a general idea by reading the abstract and conclusions. The conclusions help me understand if the goal summarized in the abstract has been reached, and if the described work can be of interest for my own study. I also always look at plots/figures, as they help me get a first impression of a paper. Then I usually read the entire article from beginning to end, going through the sections in the order they appear so that I can follow the flow of work that the authors want to communicate.

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Achieve and maintain compliance by protecting sensitive data, such as patient records, medical transactions, and intellectual property for pharmaceutical and medical patents.

Gemalto's Data Protection Consultants specialize in transforming your vision into clear business objectives, assessing the state of your current infrastructure, and defining a clear list of requirements for achieving your security vision.

Likewise, when I want to figure out how to conduct a particular experiment, I create a handy table in Excel summarizing how a variety of research teams went about doing a particular experiment.
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Historically, next-generation firewall (NGFW) appliances were designed to deliver a very specific set of security services – firewall, intrusion prevention, and application control. Since being originally defined, the security threats and the technology available to combat those threats have significantly evolved, creating a demand for additional network security services. As a result, other techniques and services have to be included in basic NGFW appliances such as SSL inspection, website filtering, QOS, antivirus inspection, and even sandboxing. While these additional services provide value to end users, it also confuses many people, making them wonder about the difference between an NGFW and UTM appliance.

Gemalto enables organizations to encrypt sensitive assets in business applications as well as in some instances encrypt the application itself. With SafeNet solutions, customers can harness strong encryption, granular controls, and transparent implementation capabilities to efficiently and effectively secure sensitive assets.

Yes. Some variants of the attack can be used to perform MitM attacks against TLS or QUIC. More details can be found in sections and 7 of the technical paper.

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