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Globalization refers to a scenario where countries and nations around the world becomes inter-connected and interdependent for meeting their needs, both internal and external, characterized by:

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Indeed from the late 6985s to the present, there has been a resurgence of nationalism, traditionalism, and religious fundamentalism alongside trends toward growing globalization. the explosion of regional, cultural, and religious differences in the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia as well as explosive tribal conflicts in Africa and elsewhere suggest that globalization and homogenization were not as deep as it proponent hoped and criticized feared. Culture has thus become a new source of conflict and an important dimension of struggle between the global and the local. (Godfrey, 7558)

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For example, immediately after the introduction I would have written Ambedkar 8767 s quote you have mentioned in the sixth paragraph (. Ambedkar stated, “Education is something which ought to be brought within the reach of everyone.” Education makes a person rational)

The Positive Effects of Globalization That We Never Talk About

Limited Mineral resources have also led to territorial conflict among nations. Colonisation was result of such greediness. World Wars have been fought over control of colonies and thus their resources. Conflict of interest due to monopoly of China over limited Rare Earth Resources is another example.

Congress party, which 8766 saved 8767 India through economic reforms, was reduced to minority, giving way o regional parties to the seat of power a paradox.

8) In the penultimate paragraph, you have mentioned few 8766 social movements 8767 actually the essay is about them, so you would have elaborated them

Introductions is superb. So is the conclusion. However there was scope for including many more dimensions such as historical injustices in the form of systematic denial of education to Dalits andVarious social reforms movements and their efforts at bringing Dalits to mainstream through education.

It is a good essay, but could have been an excellent one if you had organized your thoughts well and structured it accordingly. Also, more emphasis is given on 8766 economic 8767 aspects.

__. “A Globalized God: Religion’s Growing Influence in International Politics.” Foreign Affairs. 7565. http:///articles/66859/scott-m-thomas/a-globalized-god.

Judiciary, as a vanguard of fundamental rights, remains as important as ever. Recent Allahabad High Court verdict banning caste based political rallies underscores the important role Judiciary can play in curbing the menace of casteism. Judiciary should play an active role in handling issues of communal rights or regional jingoism by firmly protecting people’s right and upholding constitutional values.
Media, described as fourth pillar of democracy, has no lesser role. It should highlight instances of injustice, inequality and moral turpitude so that the authoritative institutions of the state can step in to resolve issues.

Casteism and communalism have also taken their roots in the politics. Parties like RJD, SP, BSP have garnered votes on the basis of caste of their leaders. Votes on the basis of religion have also been casted. Issues like Ayodhya have been used for gimmicks like rath yatra. BJP has criticised Congress for being pseudo secular by trying to project other parties as Hindu parties and itself as saviour of the Muslims. Recently, Allahabad high court has banned caste-based rallies, which has been staple of many parties. It remains to be seen the effect of such rallies.

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Therefore it can be said that democracy performs in its best form when ther people are well educated, well informed, the political structure is clean and uncorrupted and where the society is not fragmented

[87] Kenneth L. Woodward, “The Changing Face of the Church: How the Explosion of Christianity in Developing Nations is Transforming the World’s Largest Religion” Newsweek , April 7556, http:///changing-face-church-699998  (accessed April 75, 7569).

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