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'Sanctuary Cities' Bill Attacks Immigrants Who Made 'Texas

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:51

Tino Sanandaji cautions against the broad-brush depiction of Sweden’s immigration indigestion as a matter of Muslim influence. Some 67 percent of Swedes are foreign-born, but only 8 to 5 percent identify as Muslim. Many of the immigrants who sought refuge in Sweden from the Middle East were Maronite and Assyrian Christians. Others are atheists who were fleeing Islam. They are influenced, Sanandaji argues, more by American gangster rap and The Sopranos than by the Koran. Sweden has had only one terror attack by a Muslim extremist (who killed only himself), though that, of course, could change at any time.

The Bath Riots: Indignity Along the Mexican Border : NPR

Geren issued a mild protest against Schaefer’s amendment, but seemed resigned to its passage. And Cook, the only Republican to speak against the amendment , tried to make the case that Republicans could consider themselves tough on immigration without turning every police officer in the state into an ICE deputy. The argument proved unpersuasive.

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It was at this time in my life that I started to feel flattered when they said: "I thought you were Italian? Or perhaps Brazilian?" Interesting accent. Beautiful beaches. Naked women. Best soccer players in the world. No honor killings. No battered wives. I liked it -- but it didn't last long. I had a guilty conscience. Now, when I was asked where I came from, I always said Turkey. It made life easier. When the Turkish national team played, I was now rooting for the Turks. I stayed home on Turkish holidays, over my parents' objections, otherwise my teacher would ask: "Why don't you celebrate your holidays?" I became a Turk with German roots, instead of the other way around.

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When Pappu was done, lawmakers of both parties politely applauded, and then launched into a brutal, 66-hour debate about whether undocumented Texans count — whether they should receive the most basic protection afforded by a society, the protection of the law. The answer rendered by the Texas House, after many years of relative tolerance of the undocumented, is no.

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“Why are you doing this to us?” the woman’s daughter demanded. Because I am the bad thing that is just happening to you today, the unforeseeable event that has been hanging over you by a single hair of a horse’s tail for a decade, the inevitable end of a terrible lamentation.

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