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The thing is I 8767 m not that good at math. I love literature, and although I 8767 ve never taken psychology before I know it 8767 s the sort of subject I 8767 d do well in, especially since I 8767 m very interested in learning how people think. I know dropping math completely in A levels would be a bad idea, but I don 8767 t want to take it just because some university would prefer me to. Hence I 8767 m very very conflicted.

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I am aware that in order to keep my doors open to medicine I would need to take chemistry and biology. I am also keen to study Spanish as my third a level.

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The novel is set in the 6985s but was written in the late 6955s (published in 6965). The dialogue is marked by frequent use of the word nigger. This is a convenient way to indicate to the reader the racist attitudes of various characters. When she wishes to refer to African-Americans, Harper Lee uses the term coloured. It is not only racist whites who say this, however - at First Purchase church, Calpurnia addresses Lula as 697 nigger 698 .

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There is no question that you should take Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths if you want to make your university application as strong as possible. Psychology and Politics simply are not in the same class as the other four. Universities know it employers know it and now that you have been told in no uncertain terms, you know it.

For Psychology, you are on the right track. An ideal set of subjects could be Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology if you 8767 re sure you 8767 re interested in the sciences, as that leaves any science subject that doesn 8767 t require Physics as an option . most of them.

Regarding Maths, are you enjoying the work that you 8767 re doing to achieve that A*? A-level Maths and particularly Further Maths are hard for everyone, so being used to working hard to get your grades is probably no bad thing. The important thing is that you see it as a challenge to be enjoyed if so, you are likely to succeed at it. If you drop it after AS, the qualification will still be respected.

Are you studying 5 subjects including one of the three you list, or 5 subject plus one of those three, making 6 in total? If the latter, that affects my advice a little as I assume you 8767 re not taking A-levels. If that 8767 s the case, let me know which exam board it is and I will do my best to give fresh advice though A-levels are the system I know best.

Definitely the latter set of options! Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Drama (in that order of importance) are an excellent set of subjects for a prospective nurse, and leave a variety of other science and medicine-related courses open to you besides.

I have always been a keen linguist and also had a passion for English, so this really would be the perfect course for me. After university, I would like to pursue a career such as journalism, or something of the sort. Would this course put me in good stead for that?

Hi, I am in the process of choosing which AS and A levels to do next year. I know I definitely want to do English literature, Maths and History of Art. For my fourth I was really interested in Law but I am not sure if it is seen as too much of a soft subject. Would Maths, English literature, History of Art and Law be an okay combination, or would universities see it as too 8775 soft 8776 ? Would I be at a disadvantage? Thanks.

At lunchtimes there are daily clubs with activities rotated each half-term. The clubs are open to both Primary and Secondary pupils. We also have a state of the art Fitness Suite which Secondary pupils can access on a weekly basis outside of lessons.

Either Maths or Government and Politics would be a good fourth AS-level. It would be fine to take either, even if you were to drop it at the end of your AS year. Neither would offer you any significant advantage in studying Law. While Maths is a facilitating subject and Government and Politics isn 8767 t, that distinction doesn 8767 t matter much in a fourth subject. We advise picking whichever one you feel you will do best in or enjoy most.

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I can evaluate and make critical judgements about the use of musical conventions.
I know how different contexts are reflected in my own and others’ work.

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