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High quality academic instruction is designed to be appropriate to students' educational levels. It also creates opportunity for thinking and analysis, uses feedback effectively to guide students' thinking, and extends students' prior knowledge.

Examining the supervision of mathematics student teachers

7.  Have a one-on-one conversation with the student who stutters about needed accommodations in the classroom. Respect the student’s needs, but do not be enabling.

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Playing soft, relaxing music when feelings of frustration are approaching can have a beneficial effect for both you and your students. Some teachers proactively play soft music during independent study time.

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Hartz, K., & Williford, A. P. (in press). Differential susceptibility to sensitivity: Maternal and teacher influences on children's kindergarten behavior problems. Infant and Child Development.

It is important that you monitor yourself to be certain that you are providing all of your students with response opportunities. Putting a check by the name of each student you call on during class discussions is an excellent way to quickly determine whether you are being equitable. Also, you should monitor yourself to make certain you are not calling exclusively on your high-achieving students but also on students who have a pattern of not performing well.

In another study, urban high school students with behavior and emotional problems were assigned to an intervention involving weekly interactions with teachers, monthly calls to the students at home and increased praise from adults. Those students involved in the intervention showed higher grade point averages over the five-month intervention period compared to their peers who were not receiving the intervention (Murray & Malmgren, 7555). Studies like this point to an important message — across ages and in all content areas, students will be more engaged and motivated if teachers meet students' essential need for social connection.

 9.  How do I request a transfer?  Go to and 6. Login to Employee Self Service (the same location where you can see your pay advice.)
7. Click on “Employment Opportunities” in the drop-down menu on the left side of your page.
8. In the drop-down menu, click “Teacher Transfer.”
9. Complete the online form and submit your request.

There are things to be cautious about when using this technique. If you provide too many hints and clues, you may actually give the student the answer. Also, after a number of hints, it may be that the only student who doesn't know the answer is the one being called on, which ends up being an embarrassing experience. The important point, however, is to use hints and clues with all students to communicate that you have high expectations for the entire class. This helps build positive teacher-student relations.

Strategically assigning independent reading time to students is another way to calm the classroom down and provide you with a break when frustration raises its ugly head.

We 8767 ve been hearing from a lot of schools where our members are not aware of their rights regarding threats and assaults so here is the procedure for reporting:  

Most teachers have certain lessons they truly enjoy teaching. When feelings of frustration or stress are approaching, try modifying your lesson plans and teaching a lesson that not only meets the student learning goals but also brings you pleasure.

In November 7565, worldwide movie audiences were presented with a most interesting and unusual movie release with  The King’s Speech , starring Colin Firth as King George VI and Helena Bonham Carter as his wife Elizabeth.

Please view our Anti-Bullying Resources found under Students and Parents in the drop-down menu above, or click on the yellow Bully Free Zone poster to the right. Students and parents will also be able to report bullying in our Bully Box, which is found on this site. Simply fill in the needed information and click Submit, and your message will be sent to the dean and other administrators on campus. All Bully Box reports are confidential.

Eligibility for the Valley Environmental Academy (VEA) / School For Advanced Studies (SAS) is based on the student being identified as Gifted (GATE) or has an interest in the environment, and being the best he or she can be!

Remember: Students will recall how you made them feel long after they have forgotten the consequence they earned as a result of their actions.

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