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cujstomer wants to change the hosting co we keep the same domain.
MY question: if i don 8767 t transfer the whole site and later with the new hosting i choose another theme (or the same), how i am sure i will have all the images of my library i have now ? WP will have them or better copy / transfer to my external harddrive? never did someething like this is this a dumb question?
the site still under construction and small no e-commerce.
thank you for any info you may provide.

Helpless HBO Gets Wrecked by Hackers Yet Again

There is no evidence of genius like most Africans he probably had a low IQ and simply lived (like most Africans) by being aggressive and taking from others.

Titleist Sues Seller Of Parody “Titties” Merchandise

I have toyed with the idea of a local install but then you have to maintain the exact same versions of PHP, WordPress, MySQL etc to really have a proper testbed.


Shaka was ruthless and violent with grief after his mother Nandi 8767 s death in 6877. Pregnant women and their husbands from his tribe were murdered, crop planting and milk production was banned, and many Zulus were executed.

A lot of people here are quite racist hey, you fail to look beyond race,you try by all means to make africans feel inferior, but you know wat, as much as Europeans colonised our land, they did not break our African spirit, we still practise the culture The very great King Shaka, instilled. I will not be intimidated by white people, infact i should be hating every white man for what they did to my country, but i dont, but you white people still don 8767 t change your attitude even when we 8767 ve forgiven. Before you call The great King Shaka Brutal and Ruthless, look within yourself, and tell me how different you are from him.

hey bro i just changed my theme from (SETRA) to (SCHEMA) why did i lost my visitors? there were 555 to 655 regular but now i jxt have 665 visitors?? plz help how do i go back and bring my visitors?

I 8767 d like to hire a WordPress consultant who can take care of these maintenance issues for me, and maybe train me in some WordPress basics. Is there a preferred way to find one?

So Harry, here 8767 s my challenge to you. Read the Gospels with an open heart and mind, try understand the message of love that Jesus preaches. Try see why I believe that if all of us lived according to the words of Jesus, we would have a far happier world. Would the world be worse off if we didn 8767 t cheat each other and seek to advance only ourselves by any means necessary? Would it be so terrible if we all actually gave a damn about each other and the whole of humanity? Would it be such a terrible ideology for us all to believe? Or would it be such a terrible ideology to live by even if you don 8767 t believe in God?

You fail to see because there 8767 s none so blind as those who will not see. A weapon (Ixwa I thought) just like the one that made the Roman army deadly at close quarters and an army battle formation, only used by European armies since the Zulus used it, plus all the other things accredited to this one man who was supposed to be just this brutal 8775 warrior chief 8776 you just can 8767 t see past your race issue.

One Word for loves You. Doesn 8767 t matter if u believe he exists or not. and yes, He wants you to acknowledge Him. If u think He didn 8767 t exist then Please, I 8767 d appreciate your tracing the History of Life for me from Before-life. And uh, tell me why you think I should believe it Thanks

Shaka Zulu may have been a great local leader. He may have had a missionary with a lot of historical knowledge. But he was not “one of the greatest military leaders of all of history.”
Note Shaka Zulu Never Attacked The Xhosa.

My new theme is by mojo and has a post background box, but my old imported posts go outside this box border. Can any one help me to get my old posts to format properly to my new theme?

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