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The display of individual posts in your WordPress theme is controlled by a little file called . It contains a loop that queries just one post and displays it.

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When I make the move I will have someone design it for me and get everything moved over, since I 8767 m clueless. I 8767 m currently paying for my address through Go Daddy, how will this work when I make the move. Can I keep it through Go Daddy or will I have to hope I can get my same address through another host?

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The Beaver boys also make a complementary Beaver Builder theme. Tailor-made for optimal functioning with the Beaver Builder plugin , it strikes a good balance between feature-richness and 8775 bloatlessness 8776 – it does a lot very well, while keeping a simple, uncluttered UI.

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I just recently made the switch myself with a new blog and a new name. I was able to import all my previous content from blogger which was so incredibly nice! I made the move because I didn 8767 t want Google to change the TOS on me. I felt I was at a point to do it. I wanted the 8775 bars 8776 removed. ha!
I did ask a few of the bigger (than me) bloggers why they were still on Blogger and hadn 8767 t made the switch the general consensus why fix something that isn 8767 t broke.
My only fear for that is if it does break, it might be hard to make the switch at that point especially bc it seems that a few of them are attached to GFC (not openly though).

Sometimes if you excessively like posts from one site, then FB tends to temporarily block it. On the other hand, look in your activity feed to see if it is going there.

Thesis also does a great job with SEO options. While you don 8767 t have as much control over the content of your document head, all of the WPGarbage is removed by default (as it is by default in Genesis). One thing Genesis does that I would LOVE to see Thesis emulate is the option to wrap the h6 tag on the homepage where ever I please. You don 8767 t always want it to be on the tagline (though most of the time that 8767 s fine).

Hi, i created a hotel site for my company using wordpress. I have also installed the Yoast SEO but i have no knowledge of what to do so as to get my site search friendly on search engines. Please is there any way you can help me with this problem because i have zero knowledge on this. I have tried all the directions i found on the internet but i have no clue what to do or what the issue is.

In WordPress admin area click on SEO Titles & Metas. This will show you settings for different areas of your website. Click on the Archives tab and then under 8766 Author archives settings 8767 click on Enabled. Don 8767 t forget to click on the Save Changes button to store your settings.

Hi WPB The Yoast SEO app is really cool. However, I 8767 m having a really hard time linking the Yoast social editors to social buttons. I 8767 ve tried a couple social button plugins and they do not pull the information from the Yoast editors.

Hi Emily! Yes, when you host with Bluehost (here 8767 s an affiliate link: http:///track/aroyaldaughter ) you do have full control of your content, including monetizing your blog. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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now i, using yoast is there a problem i cannot find solution for that issue pls help me Problem Is cannot Access author page if i deactivate yoast i can access
how can i solve this issue pls

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