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PhD Dissertation Coaching Services in US – PhD Writing Coach

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 17:32

Coaching is different from  consulting because it is a longer and more systematic process, where I guide you on developing research skills and conducting research surveys and analysis, rather than just working on a specific problem or solving your queries.

Graduate Student Coaching: Thesis & Dissertation Coach

Just when some students think their document drafts are ready to submit they are faced with a rude awakening. The draft is immediately handed back because it was not written in a scholarly manner, it was not APA compliant, and/or the APA format was not used or was not used correctly. This scenario can be reduced substantially by having the document formatted by an expert before submission, and by learning the most important aspects of APA writing style pertaining to doctoral level work.

Finish Your Dissertation | Dissertation Coaching

Our dissertation coaches will help you become a better project manager of your dissertation or thesis by teaching you how to structure the process and create realistic work plans you can achieve. Our coaches will also help you work effectively with your chairperson and committee and overcome psychological barriers to finishing such as anxiety, fear, negative thinking, procrastination, perfectionism, and writer 8767 s block. We have coached thousands of graduate students individually, in groups, and in workshops to complete doctoral dissertations and master 8767 s theses. We also coach students who are studying for qualifying exams or struggling to manage coursework and the demands of graduate school.

Dissertation Expert and Coach

This road that was a mere rutted white dust, hot underfoot, blinding the eye, now a soft grey silence, with the glitter a crystal grain set starlike in its silver here and there.

We are highly committed to helping graduate students finish their dissertations or master’s theses and making graduate school as positive a learning experience as possible. We promise to focus on your individual needs and provide honest, straightforward, confidential, and high quality services that will help you successfully earn your degree. Each professional who works at The Dissertation Coach is an expert dissertation and thesis coach, consultant, statistician and/or editor carefully selected to work on our team. No matter how long it has been since you started graduate school, how much you have struggled or how pessimistic you are about making it to the finish line, we are committed to helping you.

There are precise rules to follow, quality markers to meet, and academic rigor to maintain when completing a dissertation for graduation in PhD, DBA, EdD, DNP, or any other doctoral program. Many doctoral students complete required course work for their doctoral program but the dissertation remains elusive and insurmountable, thus making graduation with a doctorate degree a dream, rather than a reality.

As a  dissertation coaches focus on a holistic – not strictly academic approach to finishing your degree. In person or on the phone, or video chats I can discuss your project on an individual basis in absolute confidence, and also serve as a sounding board for stress relief.  I can offer both emotional and academic support to help you complete important tasks, as well as provide the tools you need to achieve your goals, which enable you to accomplish more with less effort.

If you require technical assistance with your dissertation or thesis, please visit our Consulting and Statistics pages to learn how we can guide and mentor you to successfully carry out your dissertation or thesis study.

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