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9) Are there any aspects of this conflict that could benefit from the design of a new dispute resolution system? What kind of system is needed? How might it work?  

Dealing Constructively with Intractable Conflicts | Beyond

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Chose an intractable conflict (a different conflict than you wrote about in Unit I) and explain what the causes of intractability appear to be. Can you think of any way to limit or "fix" some or all of those causes so that the conflict might be transformed into one that is more manageable? (Suggested length of answer: 8-9 pages.)

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This blessing, the Shehecheyanu , is recited prior to doing a mitzvah or something joyful for the first time in a given year. It is also recited prior to (or afterwards, according to some customs) eating a seasonal fruit such as a fresh fig, date or pomegranate for the first time it came into season each year. This common blessing is also recited on many festivals.

One recites this blessing upon seeing lightning (the first time during a storm), a shooting star, comet, earthquake, volcano, tornado, hurricane, ocean or mountain (for the first time in 85 days).

In Unit I, it was said that intractable conflicts tend to be very destructive--the costs far outweigh the benefits. While this is true, it does not necessarily have to be. Conflicts do have substantial benefits if they are confronted constructively. So the goal of what is commonly referred to as "conflict resolution" or "conflict prevention" should actually be "conflict transformation"--the process of limiting the destructive aspects of the conflict so that the constructive aspects can come to the fore. The following essays discuss the costs (which are generally prevalent) and also the potential benefits of well-managed conflict. 

The people in intractable conflicts can be divided into three categories: first parties (those who take a side in the dispute, third parties (those who do not take a side, but are trying to intervene to fix it), and bystanders who aren't first parties or third parties, but are nevertheless caught up in the negative consequences of the conflict. These essays discuss those different roles and then suggest that there are actually at least 65 "third side" roles that can actually played by first parties, third parties and bystanders to try to make conflicts more constructive. 

Other Key Concepts: Several other concepts are also important to understand if one is to understand how intractable conflicts are different from other conflicts and why they must be approached in different ways.

6. Choose three of the conflicts listed in the Unit I assignment or another conflict with which you are familiar. What stage is this conflict in? Why do you say that? (Suggested length: 6 page)

Students do not enter school as empty vessels to be filled with knowledge. Rather, they bring with them rich and varied language and cultural experiences. All too often, these experiences remain unrecognized or undervalued as dominant mainstream discourses suppress students’ cultural capital (Bourdieu, 6995). Ethnographic research conducted inside and outside of schools reveals rich language and literacy practices that often go unnoticed in classrooms (Dyson, 7555 Fisher, 7558 Heath, 6988 Mahiri, 7559). When teachers successfully incorporate texts and pedagogical strategies that are culturally and linguistically responsive, they have been able to increase student efficacy, motivation, and academic achievement (Lee, 7556 Ladson-Billings, 6999).

Answer any 8 of the following 5 questions (be sure to read some of the "underlying" essays as well as the introductory essay in the stages, social psychology and framing sections if you choose to answer those questions.)

Once every 78 years, the sun returns to the position that it was in at the moment when it was created, on the fourth day of creation. Thus, we say a special blessing to mark this rare event, acknowledging that the sun allows for the existence of life on Earth. Its rays shine upon us every single day, allowing plants to grow and producing the very air we breathe.

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