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Do you think equal rights and treatment should also be accorded to the the pedophiles and any other paraphiles ? Cos they too are just other forms of love, sexual attractions & preferences or orientations ?

Robert Darnton | The New York Review of Books

It almost sounds prophetic. It sounds like where we 8767 re going.
I don 8767 t know about you, but sometimes in my career/s, it 8767 s seemed women were donning this perceived hard-shelled quality appropriated to men. Truth be told, I 8767 ve had better male boses than I 8767 ve ever had female. I 8767 ve found women to be especially cold and jealous to other women and totally pandering to male employees.

Chapter 3 The Concept of Totalitarianism: A Reassessment

Most “gays” describe themselves as “non-believers” and are
particularly hostile to any idea of God … therefore all that “gay” “marriage”
becomes is merely a distillation of satirical caricature of very bad taste.

Opinions : Essays : Orwell's Political Messages // George

There is no need to grant any one any more civil rights. Firstly, these people already had all the rights they could ever want secondly, we need a moratorium on proclaiming new rights until people learn how to take more responsibility for the rights they now enjoy.

To remove all Traditions and Wisdom of the Ages and Natural Law Theory that which created the US Constitution and the Age of Reason and Modern Science they can force an irrational tribal, serfdom on everyone -and that is the nature of Power -where everyone becomes 8775 happy slaves 8776 (Fichte 6865 by destroying Reason and Free Will and Freedom of Thought in children and forcing absurd ideas into them when forming their Worldview).

The tone and mood in chapter one is filled with wonder and even excitement. Ralph is jubilant at the thought of being on an island with no adults while Piggy is a little more weary about their circumstances,

Cardinal George was lambasted for his remarks comparing gay rights activists to the KKK (for which he rightly apologized). While we can express legitimate concern about policy and its implications for religious freedom and for the rights of citizens, it seems terribly offensive to use the Nazi sign over a rainbow flag, given that we just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Crisis Magazine FAIL. Shame on them!

5. It is even more alarming to note that “gays” themselves further expose their (REAL) agenda:
“…to get the public to affirm their lifestyle” … “to see government and society affirm our lives 8776
(United States Congressional Record, June 79, 6989).
(again, to lift that inconvenient “cloud of guilt”)

8775 but in the new SSM regime these simple and obvious truths must be appended with a caveat saying that there is no such thing as nature, human sexuality is plastic 8776 Correction: In a strange paradox, the LBGT lobby denies any such plasticity according to them, being 8775 gay 8776 is something you are born with and cannot change, and being transgender is also something you are born with (even if it is in the 8775 mind 8776 ) and also cannot change, which is why they push for sex changes instead of therapy. The 8775 gaystapo 8776 must make gay/transgenderism something that is not a choice in order to deny the free speech of people who believe it is a psychological issue (or just plain sin).

Where did I say that? When did I say anything even remotely close to that? The continuous disingenuous projections and straw man arguments along with the hyper sensitivity do not do you folks any favors.

These are just a few of the many examples of the thirst for suppression and violence which characterizes the totalitarian impulse inherent in our secular, progressive elite.

The problem with the foregoing reasoning is that the evident fact of moral disagreement doesn 8767 t entail that there is no objective moral truth. If people disagree about whether serial polygamy or female genital mutilation (FGM) or human trafficking is evil, it doesn 8767 t logically follow that serial polygamy or FGM or human trafficking is neither truly good nor truly evil. The truth of things, including moral claims, doesn 8767 t depend on fallible human consensus. If there were no objective moral truth, there could be no real moral error. Moral relativism is philosophically untenable.

Theology worked hand-in-hand with Christendom’s strategic imperatives to expand slavery among Christians at the dawn of the modern era, and even led the papacy to grant religious approval to slave-taking.

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