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For some tests, such as the Broadband Internet Service Benchmark (BISmark) , the test maintainers collect their test’s data and publish it on their own site.

APPENDIX B: Multiple Intelligences

Day 58(*)  (Materials: 66” x 69” white paper doesn 8767 t have to be exact, you could tape to regular pieces of paper together to make them longer  8 speed                 electrical fan, gooseneck lamp-or other light source, clock or watch, rectangular clear plastic storage box, water, metric ruler)

Confusingly, ads for these products frequently claim that silver ions are small silver particles or describe the product as consisting of ionic silver particles. Silver ions are not the same as silver particles and the two terms are not interchangeable. Ionic silver is also referred to as monatomic silver and silver hydrosol by some producers who choose not to describe their products using the scientifically correct terminology. These are marketing terms used to hide the truth that what is being sold is an ionic silver solution. For more details read About Ionic Silver .

Before exploring the reports, charts, graphs, and details of the tests, it is important to have a basic understanding of the three types of products that are marketed as Colloidal Silver.

M-Lab aims to advance Internet research by empowering consumers with useful information about their Internet performance. By providing free, open Internet measurement data, researchers, regulators, advocacy groups, and the general public can get a better sense of how the Internet is working for them, and how to maintain and improve it for the future.

Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is the largest open source Internet measurement effort in the world. ( Open source refers to source code that is made available for free so that anyone can use or modify it to fit his or her own purposes.) M-Lab provides performance tests that help consumers develop an accurate picture of their Internet service by offering a state-of-the-art server platform that supports many measurement needs. The data are collected and then released to the public for use by policymakers, researchers, and others who are interested in Internet issues.

Different laboratories generate reports that can vary greatly in appearance and in the order and kind of information included. Here is one example of what a lab report may look like.

Most products claiming to be high concentrations of colloidal silver (typically in the range of 85 to 75,555 ppm) are in fact silver protein colloids. While some of these products are labeled as Silver Protein or Mild Silver Protein , many such products are simply labeled as colloidal silver and the word protein does not appear anywhere on the label or in the product advertising literature.

M-Lab’s measurements are always conducted off-net. This way, M-Lab is able to measure performance from testers’ computers to locations where popular Internet content is often hosted. By having inter-network connections included in the test, test users get a real sense of the performance they could expect when using the Internet.

Day 78  (Materials: 6 ketchup or soy sauce packet from a restaurant or a Milky Way mini candy individually sealed or a pen cap with a bit of clay, a 6 or 7 liter clear plastic bottle)

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