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What are your thoughts? Do you think I/O psychology is moving in a direction where more programs will adopt the Scholar Practitioner approach? Is this a good approach to follow?

Corporate governance and responsibility in Nigeria

To determine the specialization, you should look at the list of faculty for each institution you are interested in and read up on their recent publications and stated interests. If they are interested in training, they 8767 ll say it there. And I would not trust a program that does not list its faculty online.

Graduates and students – ArcelorMittal

Can you tell me the difference in these two types of programs, for example the training received and would you they both prepare you for the same type of practical work. I would assume that with the PhD there is the option to be in academia, and that option would not be with the .

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As a large energy consumer with a footprint in many European countries, ArcelorMittal is a great place to work on optimising electricity and natural gas costs through direct access to markets and projects at site-level.

Also, I wouldn 8767 t trust the average acceptance GPA numbers on the SIOP website. Sometimes those numbers aren 8767 t updated for many, many years. Even if you see the 8775 last updated 8776 as something recent, that 8767 s just means something was updated, not necessarily the particular number you want to know about.

Yes, sort of. Programs that offer MS are more likely to be in a College of Sciences and MA more likely to be in a College of Liberal Arts/Arts 588 Letters/etc. That often filters down into departmental priorities in a variety of ways. But again, it is a weak correlation you will want to look at the actual coursework to get a real sense of it.

Ignoring that, assuming you do well on the GRE, you sound like a fairly strong candidate. Just a year of research experience isn 8767 t stellar, but it is what a lot of applicants have. So that means your main selling point will be match in research interests with specific faculty. So I 8767 d pay a lot of attention to that.

As a master student in I/O psychology, is there a good reference for salary information. I am expected to graduate this semester and I am starting the job search. I know salary will depend heavily on region and
Location. But is there a starting salary master students should strive for? How much is too low?

7) Why a master degree will hurt my prospect of getting into a PhD program? A second balchelor in Psy is more desirable than a in General Psy (or anything psy, even if that 8767 s available) to get in a full 5-8 yr program?

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