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Patients with traumatic brain injury may experience personality changes they may lash out easily in anger or they may become withdrawn. Depression is common. Psychological counseling and medication can help.

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There are 76 bones in the human foot, of which the heel (calcaneus) is the largest. The human heel is designed to provide a rigid support for the weight of the body. When we are walking or running it absorbs the impact of the foot when it hits the ground, and springs us forward into our next stride. Experts say that the stress placed on a foot when walking may be times our body weight , and times when running. Consequently, the heel is vulnerable to damage, and ultimately pain.

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Rest - if you are especially susceptible to heel pain, try to spend more time resting and less time on your feet. It is best to discuss this point with a specialized health care professional.

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The plantar fascia is detached from the heel bone. This procedure is only recommended if nothing else works. There is a risk that the arch of the foot is subsequently weakened.

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Johnson notes that the patient’s IQ may play a factor in the extent of his or her cognitive impairment. For example, a person with an above average IQ will be less at disadvantage by losing ten IQ points than a person with a lower IQ will be. Johnson explains, however, that patients with higher IQs may also be more attuned to extent of their injury and thus may be more easily depressed or disheartened when their cognitive abilities do not return to former capacity.

Refresh your critical thinking skills. This short module aims to support you to think rigorously using accepted scientific strategies, methodologies, and referencing techniques when evaluating the quality of evidence from a range of types of research and information sources. If you take this module with assessment you will have the opportinity to submit a referenced essay demonstrating the importance of effective digital search skills and using examples explain what constitutes good science and what is not good science taking the importance of providing information emanating from research to the public in an ethical manner.

When the plantar fasciitis is stretched too far its soft tissue fibers become inflamed, usually where it attaches to the heel bone. Sometimes the problem may occur in the middle of the foot. The patient experiences pain under the foot, especially after long periods of rest. Some patients have calf-muscle cramps if the Achilles tendon tightens too.

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