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A heavy based heel is part of a good split sole clogging shoe. Ideally, the clogging shoe heel should be stacked, meaning they should be built of layers of have duty material. A lot of stacked heel clogging shoes are made of hard rubber, though some incorporate wood and others use reinforced leather. The heel should be low and wide.

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Swing shoes for kids will feature all of the characteristics of good swing shoes for adults, although the shoe will generally have an all over lighter construction.

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money on good clogging shoes, with numerous discount options available. Used clogging shoes are also a good choice for a lot of clogging dancers. Just knowing what to looking for is an important step in choosing the right pair of clogging shoes for your preferences.

These salsa shoes from Capezio will suit beginners and pros alike.  The Katusha features a flexible sole and suede outsole. The heel is wide and centered to provide maximum stability and the inner is fully cushioned, providing excellent comfort and shock absorption to protect the feet.

While salsa dancing,  your weight moves around the foot – from ball of the foot to the heel and back again. A raised heel makes this movement easier, helping to correct your weight placement and smoothly alter your posture.

Cons – The fully closed in look might not be suited to all dancer’s tastes, and your formal competitions may have some rules against this style of shoe for aesthetic purposes.

A padded collar and tongue ensures comfortable heel stability and the midsole and heel sole cushioning provide superior shock absorption. The Ryka also features a solid rubber vertical shank for added arch to heel stability, particularly around the Achilles area. This is a relatively flat soled shoe so might not be your first choice if you’re after firm arch support built in.

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